The Transformational Power of Education

Education – genuine, deep-thinking learning – changes the mind. Many people seem to have lost sight of this fundamental point: education is expected to drive social mobility (it can sometimes), cure social ills (it can help sometimes) and perform all sorts of other roles. But I went into education because of my personal experience of,... Continue Reading →

Where does it all begin?

Mystery is at the heart of education.  What makes and really matters about a human being?  What is the  meaning and purpose to every human life?  Too often we assume we all agree about answers to these questions, when perhaps none of us has thought about them deeply enough. If we don’t know what makes... Continue Reading →

Love is at the Heart of Education

It is my belief that love is at the heart of education and of leadership.   Love, meaning care for the other - care for their wellbeing, care for their future, care for their development, care for their education. Children rarely develop healthily without love. Without love, their spirits are damaged, as are their mental and... Continue Reading →

Screams and Laughter

. I hear their screams and laughter On a quiet April day . Those who will inherit the earth Happily at play . And who can say What will become of them . When we have passed Away? .

Our Wellbeing is Our Wellspring!

How can we make wellbeing the wellspring of our living as educators?   We all come across those who struggle with wellbeing - whether it's children, teachers, parents, middle leaders or senior leaders. And we can all help each other by explicitly teaching wellbeing, talking about it and creating the right kind of culture in our... Continue Reading →

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