Five Steps to become a Reading School!

It sounds too easy, doesn’t it?  But we really transformed a comprehensive school from being a place of negative attitudes to reading to one where each and every child was making measurable progress with reading, in just a few years.  Here’s how you can also do it… Step 1: Differentiated Reading Resources Publishers produce an... Continue Reading →


7 Models for Leaders in Education – No.7 – Transformation

Transformation sounds like a grand word. It's also a stretching word: stretching for me as a leader, and stretching for my school... The word “transformation” reminds me that leadership in education is about change.  Every year, every month, every day, students change, teachers change, policies change, the world changes…And our leadership is about moving with... Continue Reading →

The Wisdom of Deliberate Practice

This post draws on the wonderful work and research contained in Ericsson’s The Role of Deliberate Practice in the Acquisition of Expert Performance.  Don’t be put off by the title.  Although the study looked at many “elite” performers, the study yields many great insights that we can all apply to ordinary, everyday education. By examining... Continue Reading →

Inspired by Vygotsky’s Zone

How do you take learners forwards from where they are today to where they could be tomorrow, or in 60 minutes’ time?  And what's your own next "zone of development"? I was introduced to Vygotsky’s concept of “the zone of proximal development” when studying to be a teacher. It illuminated what to me was the... Continue Reading →

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