Models for Educational Leaders – No. 2 – Coach

This model differs from No.1 ("The Hub") because the idea of coaching throws the emphasis on others – on colleagues, other senior leaders, middle leaders, teachers, students, parents... One of the great challenges of education and leadership is that we don't just teach knowledge but we teach by the example of our life and actions. ... Continue Reading →


Models for Leaders in Education – 1. The Hub

In school leadership, you can feel all the pressure of the hub of a wheel.  Spokes come in – questions people want answers to, issues people want to be resolved, directions people want to be given… From another angle, you are sometimes required to be the accelerator of change.  Sometimes you have to be the... Continue Reading →

Models for Leaders in Education – 8. Leadership through Creativity

For me, leadership in education is something creative. Evidence-based practice and data-driven actions are greatly important.  Sometimes they will lead to creative interventions.  But without innovation and creativity, I believe that leadership can lose its inspirational quality and the power to connect vitally with students and staff.  This post will explore The sources of creativity... Continue Reading →

The Wisdom of Deliberate Practice

Sometimes you come across articles that are so packed full of sense that you wonder how you never realised yourself before the insights the author has reached after months of research... Such an article is Ericsson’s The Role of Deliberate Practice in the Acquisition of Expert Performance.  But don’t be put off by the title.  Although... Continue Reading →

Assessing the Progress of Assessment!

Assessment is a battle ground! Teachers may come under fire from management if their “marking” is not frequent or detailed enough.  Schools certainly come under attack when their “results” and “progression” do not rise. And yet in every day in every school in the world, every mature adult working with children makes all kinds of... Continue Reading →

In Search of the Triangle of Excellence

We are all in search of excellence in school leadership. But what is that excellence? This post is about the triangle of academic progress, individualised pastoral care and character development.   Academic Progress We know so much and yet so little about academic progress.  We know it is and isn’t influenced by genetics, that it... Continue Reading →

Set Your Standards High

How do we get high standards in education? They don’t happen by chance. Most schools struggle with standards lower than they would like in at least a few areas. High standards come about through a complex chain of teaching and leadership activities that involve standard setting, vision and culture and planning... Standard Setting Some teachers... Continue Reading →

Always an upwards spiral…

Students who are growing, teachers who are growing, leaders who are growing...What's not to like about schools moving in upwards spirals? A transformative leadership style fits well with leading in an upward spiral.  Transformational leaders not only transform their schools, they undergo self-transformation in the process.  The leader interfaces with the school– and if the... Continue Reading →

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