Make Wellbeing your Wellspring!

How can we make wellbeing the wellspring of our living and learning?   Sooner or later we all come across those who struggle a bit with their wellbeing - whether it's students, teachers, parents, managers or leaders. We can  help each other by talking about wellbeing, explicity teaching it, and creating a culture of joy, care... Continue Reading →


Remove All Barriers to Learning!

Learning is a complex process, and many are the barriers we all face when we try to, or have to, learn something. We may lack the interest or the motivation to persevere, or the prior knowledge required to understand, or the content may be feel “beyond me” or “over my head”. Children face these challenges,... Continue Reading →

Add Values

Teachers add value to students' lives.  Students add value to teachers' lives. Leaders should add value to teachers. And perhaps we should all "add values" to our national conversations about education... Teachers add value to students’ lives.  We all know that many teachers today experience  vulnerability with their mental health due to the stresses and... Continue Reading →

Ask The WHY…

Why do I teach? Why do I care for other people's children? Why do I manage and lead?  As soon as any teacher starts not to know the answer to any of those questions, a crack starts to separate personal motivation and behaviour.  We can keep on going because we get paid to do so;... Continue Reading →

How can we shape meaning for others?

  To what extent do teachers, and all leaders, shape meanings?   It sounds like a profound question - and it's also actually a very practical question. If we can help others understand the relevance and the significance of their actions, we are able to draw on one of the deepest of human qualities, without which... Continue Reading →

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