Behave, Engage, Learn!

Students will often learn as much outside of a classroom as they will inside one.  Perhaps they will be talking over the lesson with classmates.  Maybe they will asking another student to help them with a home learning assignment, or doing the helping.  Sometimes it is only when a pupil has to work independently from... Continue Reading →

Snowstorm, Snowflakes, Snowman – the Leadership Lessons of (yes!) SNOW!

You know that feeling of "crisis"? An unexpected event, involving large numbers of people and evoking strong emotions - Will the school be closed? ... Will my child be safe? ... Can I travel safely?  The snowstorm, for me, is like that: chaotic, powerful, dangerous. The snowflake, however, is the small but important details that... Continue Reading →

Caring Makes a Good School

"Caring for persons, the more able and the less able serving each other, is what makes a good society"Robert Greenleaf And it's what makes for a good school, too - care - or to use a word I prefer - nurture. Assertive Nurture I talk to staff at my school about assertive nurture. We want... Continue Reading →

Interest and Inspire

Education may be about learning "the best that has been thought and said", as Malcolm Arnold said. We might add "...and done" (to include subjects like art, design and music); we might add "...and is" (to include subjects like Geography and Biology); we might add "...and the worst" (to include subjects like History and English... Continue Reading →

Love them!

~ Love love’s worthiest The souls of women and men ~ Whose selves express Through sight and sound ~ Being Capacity ~ Beyond All bounds ~ Each image Of perfection ~ Embodied Now. ~

Learn To Appreciate Their Beauty…

Every child and adult has a distinct uniqueness, and a special beauty.  And in education, there is a calling to appreciate others - every pupil and every member of staff. Every day, teachers work with excited children, and can be inspired by the best lesson content that the world has to offer.  When we are... Continue Reading →

The Transformational Power of Education

Education – genuine, deep-thinking learning – changes the mind. Many people seem to have lost sight of this fundamental point: education is expected to drive social mobility (it can, sometimes), cure social ills (it can help, sometimes) and perform all sorts of other roles. But I went into education as a profession because of my... Continue Reading →

To Love is Best

I write poetry as well as on education, and this poem is about giving care and love to children - the calling of educators around the world. ~ To love is best I said ~ The rest was silence ~ Doing so often unknown ~ Receiving came unexpectedly And last. ~

A Stronger C.A.S.E. for Pastoral Care…

All schools offer it.  Many teachers do it brilliantly.  But what does outstanding pastoral care really involve?  C hallenge A nalysis S ympathy E mpathy? I will try to make my "case"... S is for sympathy  This is base level of pastoral care - an emotional care and concern for another's suffering.  Sympathy gets us... Continue Reading →

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