Life begins when you find your meaning…

Students look for meaning in lessons – what we often call “relevance”.

Teachers look for meaning in their work – an essential part of their wellbeing.

Part of discovering meaning is to overcome fear, become a beginner and to persevere, according to one of my readers – and you can read his post here:


I wrote this, once, on the same idea of beginnings and discovering meaning:

The beginning of life
Is not at first cry

But when the soul
Begins to know why

And moves in faith
That the purpose

And mission
Are beyond the present

In a future unseen
And a destiny.

[continues after image]


1.1 beginningoflife MARK1.1


Just like a child has to learn to speak, to walk, to get their “pen licence”, and so on, so we also have to learn to teach, to lead our first presentation to colleagues, to write our first policy, perhaps to lead our first school.

Overcoming fear, learning to become a beginner, and courage.

A powerful combination.


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